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What You Need To Know About Personal Shoppers Scammers

What You Need To Know About Personal Shoppers Scammers

Dear Customers,

A customer email dated 02/05/2014 has come to our attention. Personal Shoppers Scammers are around claiming to provide Personal Shopping Services. 

As a responsible Personal Shopper Service Provider to our customers, it is our professional duty to alert all customers engaging a Personal Shopper Services in Bangkok.

What  Happened, The Past and Present
We often received customer’s emails complaints that they were attracted by other Personal Shoppers low fee and were convinced by their services.  After paying for their services, cost of goods plus ThailandPost postal charges to secure their services.   Few case studies of unpleasant scenarios happened experienced by our customers:

1. Personal Shopper(s) disappear after receiving the money
2. Personal Shopper(s) come up with stories
3. Purchases commences(see below)
Prior to shipment, the Personal Shopper(s) threatens the customers and demands for additional fees otherwise they will dispose the goods which is at their hostage. 
The victimized customer, after much plea and struggle with the Personal Shopper, has no choice either reluctantly pay or forfeit the goods. Other horrible stories were, some Personal Shopper(s) disappear, no reply, goods were already disposed or come up with some stories later(Search the stories on Google)

Customers can imagine few  horrible scenarios:

  1. Performed 2 x remittances fee(which is not cheap) you can secure for another new shipment.
  2. Unprepared for additional humongous charges
  3. Inconveniency, Time wastage, Unguaranteed services
  4. Unnecessary demands, goods in hostage of personal shopper at their disposal

Some Personal Shopper(s) does not even have a credible bank account to receive money and demand buyers to send money according to their payment methods, Outrageously, even demand customers to take a flight into Bangkok to make payment.  Unfortunately, buyers acceded to their demands out of desperation and inconvenient.  For some reasons, Personal Shoppers Scammers claims it take weeks to receive the money and even send the goods wrongly or in bad conditions.

In present payment technology, international T/T or remitance payment, wired transfer from bank to bank, Paypal and Western Union should take only 1 day(Immediate) and not more than by 3 days to sight the funds in their account. hopes that the above explanation give customers better insights and understanding when engaging a Personal Shopper Services.

Yours Sincerely,
CustomerCare - Personal Shopper Bangkok

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